Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Skylar under the weather

I've got a couple more pictures of Sky. He is doing fairly well although he has been sick. It sounds like it is fairly common that the food doesn't agree with him but sometimes it is worse than others. His words exactly, "My body hates me". That's of course a little worrisome and I have a tendency to worry about even small things. On a better note though, he is teaching quite a few people and has a baptism scheduled next week. Here is a pic of Sky and Elder Villegas in their apartment. Funny story... Skylar put a fake tarantula on his comps pillow and instead of freaking out he was so excited. He ran downstairs telling Sky to get his camera! They have grown a little attached to that spider and they actually use it when teaching English to people. The kids LOVE it! Here they are eating out at a restaurant. Skylar said he loves paraguayan soup and a drink called Guarana. In his last letter he said that he let a girl try to take a picture of herself with his camera and she accidentally erased ALL of his pictures. Bummer! He has been trying to send us more pics via e-mail but the computers are terrible! I'll post more if I get any!
We got to talk with him on Christmas Eve and he sounded good! He loves his companion. They get along great. Skylar is learning a lot. The language is gonna take some time but Sky's a quick learner. My hope is that he can communicate pretty soon.
It's terrible for me to think he's ill. Get better soon Scoob!

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  1. I'm so sorry Skylar's been sick. Hopefully he's all better by now. I was thinking---maybe what made him sick was losing ALL his pictures, eh?!! (j/k) I feel bad that he lost everything that he had taken up to that point. How terrible!

    When we were on a little vacation last month, I thought I had wiped out all of OUR pictures, too, and I had over 400 of 'em, so I prayed really hard, and called Wade and he told me a bunch of stuff to do, (and none of that worked), but I took my camera into a guy at Walgreens, and somehow all my pictures were there all along! I wish the same little miracle could happen for Skylar!!!

    Good to see the pictures and hear about Skylar. If you see this post, Skylar, remember that we're all really proud of you for being there and doing the Lord's work like you are--and our prayers sure are with you. Lots of Love, Aunt Karen