Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Ever since Christmas I have been wanting to go sledding. We bought some new sleds for the fam about 2 months ago and totally forgot to bring them out on Christmas . When we were in TN I really wanted to do something winterish like sledding snow:( Then DeeAnn called to see if they could borrow our sleds and that's when I remembered that we forgot about them. The Allen's broke in our sleds while we were gone. Saturday afternoon after putting all of Christmas away Rick, Leesh, and I hooked up the sleds to the Ranger and in our west field gave them a whirl. Doesn't Leesh look cute in her colorful hat:) It was made a few years ago by Melanie McNeil. It is a hat and scarf in one! Wheeeeeeeeee........

My turn!

I liked sitting better than kneeling!

Rick went he lost the sled on a quick corner!

One of the GREAT things about living in UT where there are 4 real seasons! After our outing we came in and made homemeade pizzas and watched a movie with the fire blazing. So Cozy!

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  1. Looks like a bunch of COLD fun to me. I used to love to go sledding, it has been many years since I have done it. I don't get out much, I guess. Glad you had so much fun.