Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gary officially on the road

IT'S OFFICIAL!! Gary has received his driver's license!! HEAVEN HELP US!! He has been very excited to take his driving test again. He took it back in May and still needed to work on a few things, parallel parking for one. He was much more confident this time and the DLD worker could tell that right from the start. I am a little nervous about him taking to the roads but we've agreed that he will just drive around Grantsville for the next little while. Here he goes off in the Mormon Mobile! Until Skylar leaves for his mission Gary gets to drive this beast. It's big but obviously solid which is what a new driver needs, right? He's heading off to Young Men's all on his own. My baby's growin' up:)


  1. Congratulations to Gary. This is an exciting time of life. I'll be sure and watch out for him, lol. Good job

  2. I'm so glad you have a blog now, I love it. I really nervous for the day my kids get their licenses. I can't believe that he's old enough to drive. Where does all the time go?