Thursday, September 17, 2009

Swiss Days and the State Fair

My parents are making 3 trips this month to be with us. The first was over Labor Day Weekend to go to Swiss Days in Midway. This is a tradition for us. My dad comes every year to buy a hat. He's sportin' his new one in this picture:) Lookin' Good! Rick ususally takes the evening off to be with us. He just follows me around as I shop and of course likes to get some pie and ice cream. He has his phone with him so evening though he's "off" work he's really on the phone most the time taking care of business. That's OK by me. I still have a great time and I know he's tracking me. He only lost me once!
I'm so excited about my finds!
The second reason my parents come to visit is the state fair. My dad has to get a new wallet each year. My mom teases and says they have to come clear to UT to get a new wallet. Can't he get one at Wal-Mart? No mom, it's not the same!
Rick's checkin' out the boats! Even though my family had one while I was growing up (we went to Lake Mead all the time. Such fun memories!) we won't be getting one. It just really wouldn't work. To many things to do! I think Rick likes to dream!

Rick and my dad watching the horse pull! This was so exciting! The winner pulled over 10 thousand pounds!

Getting ready to leave. It was a great night! My parents get to be here when Skylar goes to the temple tomorrow. Of course, that's another reason they're here! The last time they come will be next week when he has his speaking assignment before he leaves on his mission. They are keeping the road hot between here and Vegas! I love it when they come!

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  1. How Fun to Go to Swiss Days! I miss it from when we lived in Heber. I go to those things for the greasy, sweet and tasty food. I know, it's not good for you, but hey, you eat in bed :) haha!!