Thursday, September 24, 2009

Home Renovations

I thought I would throw out some pics of our latest home renovations. This is the upstairs kids bath. I painted this a couple of months ago but just got new countertops 3 weeks ago. I have never had granite countertops and I am really liking them. This bath is decorated in brown, green and orange. I love the way those colors look! We had this same coutertop put in the master bath and it goes great with our red/gold color scheme. This is my main floor bath. I love the way it turned out! I was bold and chose an olive green paint. It is accented with dark brown! I love the smell of fresh paint! This countertop is dark green with black and gold flecks.
We also had new tile laid in here.
Oops, I just noticed the open drawer:(
We had the outside restuccoed a couple of weeks ago and we have been waiting for our shutters and flower boxes to be hung. I am thrilled with the way this turned out. I was worried about having so much dark with our white trim but I think it came out nice. Whaddaya think?

Here is the whole front. We have two more flower boxes on order and they should be here next week. They will go on the upper and lower bay windows. I'm a little nervous of keeping those flowers alive. We just planted them yesterday.
We planted some bulbs to come up in the spring! We'll see how it goes!
These have been pretty big projects but our house is 15 years old and needed some updating. I'm glad it's finished:)


  1. Wow Janell....Everything looks fabulous! Love the stucco, it looks awesome!

  2. It all looks great! I wish I had a little decorating talent in me. I like the darker stucco with the shutters, great choice.

  3. Your house looks beautiful I can't wait to see it this weekend! We're so excited about coming to Grantsville it has been too long!