Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Crossroad

I just wanted to relate a sweet experience that happened on my morning walk.  I had just left our house and was walking briskly up our red dirt road (of course, greeting everyone that I saw:).  I saw a group of five young school girls walking on the left side of the road.  As I came up to them I greeted them and started passing them.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see the tallest one start swinging her arms mimicking me and catching up to me.  Then she started inching her way over to my side of the road.  The other girls were not far from her.  All of a sudden she was right next to me and reaching out to hold my hand.  Next thing I know another girl was on my right side grabbing my hand and all of the others were surrounding me.

We walked like this for a few seconds when I engaged them in conversation.  How old are you?  What grade are you in?  Where is your school? We walked together for a few minutes when I noticed there were suddenly a few boys that had caught up to us.  I told them my name and showed them my badge and they took turns saying my name out loud:)  We kept walking like that hand in hand until a   few minutes later when they came to their crossroad and branched off to the right leaving me on my way, walking alone.

  On our mission we have had many "little experiences" like this that touch our hearts.  We are very often talking to people......sometimes complete strangers.  That's what missionaries do:)  I'll heartily admit that Elder Phelps is so good at this.  Usually I'll let him do the talking but sometimes I chime in.:)  We meet someone for just a brief moment in time and see of their goodness and then they are gone.

As I finished my walk I reflected on how in just less than a week it will be Elder Phelps and I "getting to our crossroad "and branching off and leaving these wonderful people.

Just today as we were visiting with our very first convert, Betty I sat listening to her speak to us as we sat in 'our spot' under the mango tree.  Betty has been very sick for the last three weeks and so she has not been able to attend Sunday meetings.  She was at last diagnosed with typhoid and is getting medicine for it.  She was very weak today as we visited with her when normally she is a happy healthy 26ish year old!   I got emotional when she said, "I have missed church so much!"  My thoughts were,  "I love Betty!  I have seen her change from a skeptical unbeliever to a woman who loves God and misses church when she cannot attend.   My other thought was...."and this is one of the last times I will ever see her. "

Yes, our crossroad is coming awfully fast and while I am excited to see my family and friends back home I recognize that our Ugandan mission, an experience of a lifetime, is coming to a quick end.  Yesterday, I again reflected on how it will feel when I am at home and all of this is behind me.  I know it will be much as Jacob said when he reflected, " ....and also our lives passed away like as it were unto us a dream......"

I am sad at the thought.

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  1. Awww--this made me cry for you two!! I'm so sorry for the mixed feelings you will be (and ARE) having!! As marvelous as it will be to get back into your lovely home--you will terribly miss the choice experiences you've been having. (Kathy Rae will certainly be happy to get you back home, though.... I can feel that she stays very worried about you and misses you SO MUCH!)
    It's been so wonderful for ME to keep up with your experiences by way of this Blog, and I really appreciate that you've shared so much with us all this time!! Thank you. I think those people have been truly, truly BLESSED by having YOU there!!