Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Our Last P-Day

Picture Overload......

Yesterday we took our last P-day and drove to Sipi Falls.  We invited Mercy, Nambale, and Benard to go with us.  Wish we could have taken more but there are only three seat belts in the back of our truck!  The falls were beautiful although there was not as much water as back in October.  It was definitely greener than our last trip when we went the day after Christmas, though.  We had fun listening to the boys talk about their mission experiences.  Bernard served in Malawi and Namable served right here in the UKM.  He spent ten months in Ethiopia (which was not easy according to him) and six of his months in Rwanda. (which he loved:).  Mercy is a quiet person so she did not say much but we sure love being with her.  She has such a sweetness about her.

Here are some fun pictures of our day!

After our seeing all of the three falls we went back to the Sebei Cultural Center for a buffet lunch of traditional foods.  I could not eat my chicken because it was so tough.  I was sorry to have left in on my plate.  Bernard saw it and asked if he could have it.  I asked him how he could eat that tough meat and he jus said, "Ugandans have strong teeth!"  I laughed at that:)

Afterwards we were shown some of the typical living areas of the Sebei people.  They are cattle herders so they have a lot of milk.  Here we are with our gourds....(not really drinking....:)

When we returned back to Mbale we had our last Family Night activity with the YSA.  (Although we are having a special get together with them on Saturday night)  We had a nice spiritual meeting discussing Isaiah 53 and telling our feelings about each verse.  Afterwards we had ice-cream for dessert .

                             Derek, Baraka, Solomon, Gerald, Pius

                            Hamilton, Nathan, Mercy, Steven and Betty

                             Tony, Ben, Jude, and Francis

Elder Phelps and Aaron

After ice cream a paper was pinned to our back and then the Young Adults each wrote a note to us on our backs.  They are so cute!  We had a fun time coming home and reading their sweet thought to us:)

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  1. Wow--You've had an influence for GOOD in a LOT of young people's lives! How WONDERFUL!! Those ice cream cones looked just like something you'd get in the States! :) I can tell by these pictures that you two are so very LOVED!! I know you're going to miss everybody, and you'll be SO GLAD that you've taken all this time to keep up with this Blog and with all these comments and all these pictures! What a great job you've done with this, Janell!!