Monday, April 3, 2017

Our Mission in Movie Quotes Part 2

We have two weeks left on our mission.  I know that as we head back to Mbale we will be supa' busy so I thought I would post our movie quotes before we get back to Mbale.  I know I will have a hard time journaling/posting all that we will be doing in Mbale so I'm throwing these movie quotes in a little early:)

“Ten Thousand years can give you SUCH a crick in the neck!”
-Genie after coming out of his bottle

Watching the women carry heavy loads on their heads.  Full jeri cans of water, firewood, huge baskets of fruit etc……..

While You Were Sleeping
“……And then I fell in love with you. (you fell in love with me?) No….Yes….I fell in love with ALL of you.”
-Lucy’s feelings for the Callahan family that took her in and loved her even though she pretended to be someone she was not.

How we feel about our Mbale Branch.

Trinity is My Name
“I say you been cheatin’ ”
-Trinity calling out the cheating gambler.

The market salesmen and women raising their prices when they see the color of our skin.

 The Cowboys
“She’s frank.  Keep your mind in the middle.”
-Slim letting Homer know how to get through riding the wild mare.

Going over the hundreds of speed bumps on the highways and the potholes on the village roads.

What’s Up Doc?
“I’m. Coming. In!!”
-Eunice Burns getting ready to break down the door to her fiance’s hotel room.

Nosing our way into traffic in Kampala.

One down. Ten million to go.
-Mr. Sir telling Stanley Yelnats of all the digging that is ahead of him.

Seeing all of the individuals and families digging in the fields and gardens.

“Once upon a time there was a magical place where it never rained.  The End.”
-Mr. Sir’s bedtime story to the boys at Camp Greenlake.

The heat, dust, and dirt in Mbale during the dry season.  (January and February)

The Best Two Years
“Should I write that down?”
-Elder Calhoun trying to find out what exactly to write in his planner.

That time when we know we scheduled an appointment but neither of us wrote it down.

Spies Like Us
“Well then.  Clean this place up!”
-Austin Milbarge’s condescending superior officer.

All of the trash….everywhere!

Three Amigos
“Do you have anything besides Mexican food?”
-Dusty Bottoms after his taco falls apart.

Eating in the village where all the food is the same.

Three Amigos
“It’s a sweater!!!!”
-El Guapo after receiving a sweater for his birthday present.

All the people wearing sweaters and even winter coats in 70+ degree weather. Particularly the Boda drivers!

Mrs. Doubtfire
“Well, I’ll put on a chicken.”
-Daniel Hillyard/Mrs. Doubtfire after the social worker tells him she’s coming for a visit.

Cooking for the members and friends coming to our home for dinner.

National Treasure
“Did Bigfoot steal it?”
-Dr. Elizabeth Chase after questioning Benjamin Gates about the missing pipe clue.

Hearing the black magic stories.

Raiders of the Lost Ark
-Indiana Jones after discovering Jaques’ pet snake slithering up his legs as they are trying to escape angry tribal people in a water plane.

That one time a crazy snake chased our truck.  He didn’t slither but kind of rolled and flopped but was VERY fast.  The strangest thing……

Runaway Bride
-Peggy Fleming (not the ice skater) expressing joy after her best friend finally got married.

Sister Phelps completing her mission in a third world country. 

Runaway Bride
“My husband.  He has a morning talk show.  It’s called, ‘Wake up with Flem’.”
-Peggy Fleming (not the ice skater)

That week when Elder Phelps was sick with sinus congestion.

The Lion King
This is not a quote but a visual.
Young Simba getting caught up in a wildebeest stampede.

Getting through Kampala traffic.

It’s a Wonderful Life
“Hee Haw, Sam!  How ARE you?”
-Mary Hatch trying to make George Bailey jealous.

All of those beautiful Ugandan children running out to see us and hollering ….”Mzungu, how are you”!

What About Bob?
I said, “Good Morning, Gill.”
-Bob Wiley greeting his fish for the morning.

All of the MANY “good mornings” that we give to people that we pass on our
morning walks.

Field of Dreams
“If you build it he will come.”
-‘The Voice’ telling Ray Kinsella to plow down his corn field and build a baseball field.

All of the investigators coming to our Branch.

 “Can’t do any more damage in this popsicle stand.”

Leaving Uganda

“All the gold in the US Treasury and all the harp music in heaven can’t equal what happens between a man and a woman with all that growing together.”
-GW McClintock giving advice about love to his daughter.

Our growing together as missionary companions.

The Incredibles
"They're Supers!!"
-Syndrome discovering that Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl's children have special powers.

How we feel about our wonderful Mission President and Wife.  It seems that they have super powers when it comes to accomplishing all of their responsibilities. They are "Incredible" in our eyes!


  1. These are all really cute--and FAMILIAR!! What a fun thing for you two to do!! As you hear these lines in the future, you'll think of these things in all the years to come as you reflect back on these unbelievable experiences you've been having! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. How creative!! I absolutely loved your movie quotes applied to real life. Especially the ones I recognized. My favorite was Simba getting caught in the wildebeast stampede/what it felt like driving in traffic! I could never drive there - I'm a horrible driver! How fun! You're home so soon - you'll have to come visit us in the baptistry!!