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Our Mission in Movie Quotes Part 1

Our family is a movie quoting family.  There have been many family dinners that we have sat around the table quoting movie lines and guessing which movie it comes from.  Kind of silly but it's something we like to do:)  In the past few months we have spent many long hours in the car.  Elder Phelps and I had a fun time coming up with movie lines that describe our mission.  I have separated them into two different posts because there are so many.  The middle line is what was happening in the movie at the time the quote was said.  The situations don't always match up with our experiences but the quotes do:)  We had fun putting them together.  Hope you enjoy them too:)

Raising Arizona
“I love him so much!!!”
-Ed McDunnah crying over the toddler that her husband stole for her.

How we feel about Francis Waila.

“Smells like puke from a mule ruminating on asparagus for a month.”
-Dr. Pendanzie walking into the boys’ barracks

Why we have to roll down the windows when certain peoples get into our back seat for a ride:0

Father of the Bride
“Not so fast, George Banks.”
-George Banks on the news of his daughter’s engagement.

When we got the news of the reassignment to the mission office.  Mission changer.

Raising Arizona
“It was kinda’ horrifyin’!!”
Hi McDunnah after dealing with the Arizona quintuplets trying to decide which one to steal.

Driving in Kampala.

Three Amigos
“Uh…… this is real.”
-Lucky Day on finding that the “staged” gun fight was real.

How I felt every day for the first two months.

Cool Hand Luke
“What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

Our first branch missionary meeting when we could barely understand a word Benard, the branch mission leader, said.

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
“It was terrible!  Just terrible!”
-Luther’s Heggs’ feelings on having just witnessed a supposed murder.

My experiences using the long drop village latrines.

What’s Up Doc?
“Eunice??  There’s a poyson’ named Eunice?”
-Judy Maxwell on meeting Howard Bannister’s fiancé.

When we met Eunice, the gas station attendant.

What’s Up Doc?
“It’d take an awful big glass of water to get that thing down.”
-Judy Maxwell talking about a huge rock that Howard Bannister is holding.

Trying to swallow millet bread.

Pure Luck
“I’m just getting my things together.”
-Eugene Proctor taking his time getting out of a vehicle that is about to fall over a cliff.

All the mornings I made us late:)

What About Bob?
“I feel good.  I feel great. I feel wonderful.”
-Bob Wiley getting ready to face his day.

What I would tell myself when leaving for a full day of appointments and my stomach was not feeling well.

What about Bob?
“It’s not you.  It’s me.”
-Bob Wiley on being germ conscious.

Constantly sanitizing our hands from all of the hand shaking.

What About Bob?
“Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday??”
-Bob Wiley trying to set up an appointment with his psychiatrist.

Trying to schedule all of our appointments.

What about Bob?
“I didn’t mean to call you, Boob!”
-Dr. Leo Marvin after mistakenly calling Bob, Boob on National TV.

Mispronouncing or getting wrong so many of those African names.

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
“The Electrician must be a Democrat.”
-Luther Heggs—when his microphone goes out.

All of the times our power goes out.

Return To Me
“I believe her heart was always meant to be with you.”
Grandpa telling Bob that his first wife’s heart was always meant to be with him.

Our feelings for our Mbale branch.

“Half the people in this world are women.  Why does it have to be you that stirs me!”
-George Washington McClintock dealing with his spoiled wife.

I’m sure what Elder Phelps thought about me on a couple of occasions.

“Fletch F. Fletch”
-Erwin Fletcher using one of his aliases.

Getting to know all of the branch members’ names.

Steel Magnolias
 “My culuhs are blush and bashful!”
-Shelby correcting her mother, Malynn that her wedding colors are not just pink.

Sarah Ayinda’s beautiful black lips covered in pink lipstick.

Big Business
“I like your kimona!  Get that in ‘Nam?”
-Roone Dimmick commenting on a guys robe.

All of the colorful Gomezis that the women wear.

Murder He Said
“I thought I told you to git!”
-Bert Fleagle telling Pete to leave the property.

Chasing the chickens out of our house.

Christmas Vacation
“It’s Christmas, and we’re all in misery.”
-Ellen on having all the family over for the holidays.

When we missed our family at Christmas time:(

Christmas Vacation
“I don’t know about the cat, but I sure am enjoyin’ it.”
-Eddie’s feelings about Christmas dinner.

That time we were had dinner at President Oyet’s home and after dinner the dishes were set on the floor.  Soon after, the cat walked right in and started cleaning the plates.  No one did anything about it.

Christmas Vacation
“This is a big surprise! Just a big surprise, Clark.”

Getting moved to the Mission Office to do secretarial/financial work.

Christmas Vacation
“Crappers full”
-Eddie on cleaning his RV tank down the storm drain.

Some of the long drop latrines I visited:0

Father of the Bride Part II
“….And somebody turn the air conditioning up!  It’s sweltering in here!” 
-Nina Banks when she and her daughter are close to their due dates in the middle of summer.

When there was no power in the evenings in the hot, dry season.  No moving air at all.

Pure Luck
“Sometimes when I see a reflection in the mirror it takes me a few seconds to realize that it’s me.”
-Eugene Procter telling Raymond Campanella that it’s ok that he didn’t recognize the bad guy when he saw him.

Those times when we introduced ourselves to someone that we had previously met not remembering their face.  This happened more times than we would like to admit.

Sense and Sensibility
“Edward, You are most welcome.”
Mrs. Dashwood welcoming their guest, Edward.

The times when people invite us into their homes.  “You are most welcome” is a very common greeting.

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