Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Happy 49th to me!

I'm a firm believer in celebrating birthdays to the fullest!  Mine usually lasts for sometimes up to a week (especially if we're traveling).  This year was no different.  The week before the big day Darla planned our (now getting to be) annual girls birthday lunch at Me and Lou's Diner in Malad, ID.  This tradition started a few years back.  We Phelps sisters have four birthdays within a few weeks of each other and so we meet our Idaho sisters halfway and enjoy exchanging gifts and eating and visiting!  We were missing a few this year but we decided we still better get together (even if our schedules are really full)  The ride to and from is always really nice with good conversation.  This year on the way back we stopped in Bountiful to visit Robbie (Phelps Sister) who is in a rehabilitation center recuperating from a stroke.  It was a nice visit as well.

A few days later as Rick and I were deciding where to eat on our Friday night date.  I suggested The Five Alls.  Rick was all over that so we had a really nice time there.  I consider this part of my birthday celebrations because generally we only eat there on special occasions:-)  These scrumptious macaroons are the ending to a 5 course meal.  We savored EVERY bite of our delicious food!

The next night Rick had arranged for our kids to come out to the house for dinner and partying.  We had Dickey's BBQ catered to our home and enjoyed eating out on the patio.  It was so fun having the family here.  Earlier that morning Rick and I had gone to the Downtown Farmer's Market and found a guy selling a giant bubble kit. I'll tell you it was a HIT with kids and adults alike!  We played with those silly bubbles for at least an hour.  Good times laughing and being silly!

Kendra made my birthday cake.  The request was chocolate fudge with almond flavored icing.  So yummy!  We had to get creative with the candles since we didn't have a 4 or a 9:-)

Sunday after church Rick and I hopped in the BMW and headed to St. George.  We wanted to spend a few days before our time to leave for Africa.  I didn't get any pictures but we enjoyed the pool, shopping, eating out and cruising around with the top down!  Here's a picture of a beautiful sunset off our back patio!

The day after my birthday we traveled to Vegas to have a luncheon with all of my siblings.  Originally it was just going to be a visit with just my mom and dad.  When I was out shopping on my birthday I called my mom to finalize our visit plans and that's when she told me that she had arranged for ALL of my brothers and sisters to be there!  I couldn't believe it!  I started bawling in the checkout stand as I was paying for my merchandise at Penney's.  (I think the clerk must have thought I was a little of my rocker!)  What a wonderful surprise!  In light of Rick and I leaving for Uganda for six months I was really happy to get to be with each of them before our departure date!   It was really special being there in the home that we all grew up in just talking about life!  

Thanks sooo much for that mom and dad!!

A wonderful birthday indeed!

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