Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Cousins Halloween Sleepover

Last night Rick and I had our grandkids (minus Charley, of course) over for a sleepover.  We started with a fun dinner of pizza cheese dip with crackers and breadsticks plus some chicken nuggets.  the kids had fun eating outside on this cool table that we lifted from the play park a couple of weeks ago. (If anyone is missing's at our house:-)

After dinner we broke out the giant bubbles and the kids had a great time running around chasing, popping and licking (ewwww) them!

Then we hopped in the Ranger for a quick ride down Sun Valley.  It was getting a little chilly because the sun was just about to go down but we had blankets to warm us:)  I love seeing the pure joy on the kids faces as grandpa says do you want to go fast and then he guns it!!

I made some little surprise bags for the kids to have.  ($35 bucks at the Dollar Store....totally worth it!!)   It included:  A foam ball gun, sticker books, bouncy ball, spinning tops, rice crispy treat, whistle, play dough, baked goldfish and a Halloween soppy cup!

After surprises it was bath time!  Grandpa took the boys and grandma took the girls!

Batter Up:-) Rafe's baseball helmet was a hit!

Haivyn love




A group picture of my beautiful littles in their Halloween jammies!

I'm sure gonna miss these kiddos!!

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