Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Alyssia's Married

Alyssia married Skyleer Fellows on Saturday September 24th!  It was a beautiful occasion held at the Lion House.  Skyleer and Alyssia's bishop, Bishop Guileman performed the ceremony.  We only had three weeks to plan it out but it pretty much went without a hitch.  It was a small ceremony with about 50 friends and family in attendance.  Jenni Baker took a few pictures of the happy couple just before they made their vows!  The Lion House gardens are beautiful this time of year so it made a great backdrop for them!

This one is my personal favorite!

Here's a shot of the table setting.

Kallie Baker arranged all of the flowers.  Alyssia wanted to have red, white, and gold as her colors with a little bit of black.  The centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages, and bouquets were beautiful!

Julie (Baker) Evans made the wedding cake!  I thought it turned out very beautiful!  We served the cake after it was cut and it was super yummy.  Skyleer had requested pumpkin flavor (bottom) while Alyssia wanted white (top).

Kaitlyn was the matron of honor (or course).  Here she is with Haivyn!

Alyssia and Skyleer were very happy.  One unfortunate thing that happened was on our way to the wedding Skyleer got word that his grandfather had passed away in the night.  He was very distraught.  It had a domino effect and none of his family was able to attend.  Rick and I took the opportunity to talk about the Plan of Salvation to him.  I think it brought a little comfort and helped him to be able to get through the day.  Skyleer and Alyssia spent their wedding night at a Marriott in Ogden.
Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Fellows.

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  1. Congrats to Alyssia and Skyleer! She's a beautiful bride. What an elegant wedding, done with such expertise and class with only 3 weeks to plan. You always amaze me with your fine touch! Love it! BTW: The picture of Kaitlyn is stunning too!