Sunday, August 16, 2015

Summer Birthdays

I've been trying to get caught up on all of the goings on this past month.  We have had four birthdays in the past few weeks.  We started out with Sarah, who turned twenty-five on July 22nd.  A few of us got together at The Spaghetti Factory in Trolley Square and celebrated!  

Sarah wanted a new paper cutter and paper for her scrapbooking.
She has used it a lot since then:)


Kendra turned twenty-four on July 30th, the day that we all traveled to Montana.  We celebrated that night with a donut cake (her request:) and presents!

We forgot the candles but had enough donuts for a small army!

Henry turned one on August 8th and Skylar turned twenty-five on August 10th.  Sarah threw a big party at her parents home for the two of them last Monday night.  We had meatball subs, cheese potatoes, and watermelon.  Sharon bought this crown for Sky so he could be "king of the night"!

Birthday boy

Sarah went to a lot of work for the night.  Henry loves the book "Little Blue Truck" so that was the theme of the party.  Aren't these cuppies so cute?  Sarah made pig, sheep, rooster, hen and cow cupcakes!  She also hung pictures of Henry around the room in every month of his life!

She also made a special picture wall of and for Skylar!

Henry opening his presents with a little help from daddy.
A play lawnmower from the Rigbys which Henry loved!!  (So did Rafe:)

Skylar got some new waders from us!  (Well ok, Rick actually bought them but they were from me too:)  He was super excited to get them!

Me playing with my precious little ones!

The happy couple.

Henry getting a taste of his cake.

Twenty-five candles!!!

Good times!!


  1. Wow--sounds like Sarah goes "ALL OUT" like her Mother-in Law!!! :) (What a cutie that little Henry is!!)

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