Saturday, August 15, 2015

2015 Hafen Reunion

Last week was the Hafen Reunion.  It was Kelly and Deanna's turn to host and so it was held up at their cabin at Kolob Lake.  It was a beautiful drive from La Verkin up to the cabin with us partly driving through Zion Natl Park.  Rick and I stayed in Kelly's sister's cabin just a mile from theirs.  We  stayed with my dad and mom as well as Scott and Kathy.  It worked out well for us so we didn't have to travel back to St. George for the night.  

Jen, Trish and Cassie huddled up on the couch.

Grandma Hafen holding baby Harper.

Pete and Terri with three of their grandkids
(Peyton, Carson, and Brinlee)

A group shot (sorry I needed a flash for this one)
Vickie, Kathy, Tori, Jake, Mikey, Lance, and Jonathon

Another group shot
Rick, Garrett, Jordan, Jeremy, Ashley, and Grandpa Hafen
Vickie and Baby Tucker

After a good night's rest we met in the meadow for a little horseback riding.  The kids sure enjoyed this activity.  A couple of adults got a little ride as well.  Deanna brought out a table so the kids could frost some cookies.  Some of the adults enjoyed that as well:)

Grandpa and Grandma Hafen getting a little adventurous.

The horse riding event with Tori in the foreground.

Some of the group frosting cookies.

Visiting on the deck and waiting for lunch.

The camping area.

After horse riding we met back at the cabin where the kids made rockets out of 2 liter bottles and got to shoot them up in the air.  Some of them really went far.  After a nice bbq lunch was served we had a short family council.  I feel bad that I didn't get a family picture.  It was a nice time visiting with family.

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  1. Family Reunions are SO FUN!! I keep forgetting that you are from a different family than ours.... :) (it seems like you've just always been in OUR family!!) :)
    Speaking of Reunions--this Labor Day week-end our little Hone family is having it's 3rd reunion this year--and we still have plans for everybody to get together for Christmas, too--so that'll be FOUR in one year!!!