Sunday, September 13, 2015


The last part of August Rick and I threw an impromptu trip to Cherry Hill in the mix.  We usually make this a yearly tradition for our family we but couldn't find a time on the calendar that would fit everyone's schedules.  We decided to just throw a Friday out there for anyone who could come and actually we had a pretty good showing.  
The only ones from the family who couldn't make it were Gary and Brach.  

We hooked up the trailer and got us a nice camping spot.  We all enjoyed the swim park for a few hours and then ordered some KFC for dinner.  All of the kids ended up not staying overnight but actually that was ok with me.  After they all left Rick and I plugged in a movie and fell asleep to it:)  When you mix sun, water, food and grandkids,  you can get a little tired!

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  1. Janell, I love the picture of you with your grandkids all over your lap. What fun!!!