Thursday, May 21, 2015

Savannah Nights

  For Mother's Day Rick gave me a gift certificate for dinner of my choice and a night at Anniversary Inn.  We went out Tuesday night.  We started with dinner at The Cheesecake Factory where we had a fabulous dinner.  We started with the avocado egg rolls.  I seriously want to figure out how to make those.  Well, the egg rolls I can figure out it's that amazing cilantro sauce that I need to find a knockoff recipe for!  Rick had the jambalaya for his main course and I had my fave Chicken Costaletta.  The hard thing about this place is it is just too much food.  I only ate half of my meal because I wanted to save up for some cheesecake (of course)  I feel bad wasting food but I couldn't store it anywhere because I wasn't going home that night.  Anyway, Rick ordered the 30th anniversary cheesecake and I had the Reese's flavor.  Couldn't finish those either!!  Skylar tells us we should just share our meal and dessert but we both have such different tastes when it comes to food.

After diner we went to the b&b.  We have never stayed in this particular Inn.  It is a beautiful old house on S. Temple and 7th E.  It was a beautiful room!  These getaway nights are really fun for us!

A view of the Inn from the front.
The second floor nook is attached to our bedroom.

The nice king sized bed.

The nook where we ate our breakfast.  
It was such a cute room that overlooked S. Temple

Living area

Beautiful and spacious bath

The next morning was our temple shift.  It was just down the road.

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