Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5 K in the rain

A few weeks ago we decided to do a 5 K with our kids.  Sarah found the Zion's Children of Haiti foundation that collects school supplies for Haitian children.  The run was held Saturday May 9th at Sugarhouse Park.  I was planning to walk it but in light of the pain in my back and numbness in my leg I decided I better sit this one out.  I got the fun job of helping to watch the babies.  We got there by 8:00 and Rick got checked in while we waited for the others to get there.  Oh, did I mention it was cold and POURING RAIN!  (Didn't stop the Phelps clan though:)  After everyone got there and checked in we sat around under the pavilion (thank goodness there was one) and waited for the starting time.  

After the runners got on their way I did a little visiting with Sharon (who was there to tend Henry) and then found some face painters to decorate Rafe's cheeks.  After a while I asked Sharon to watch the kids while I walked down to the finish line.  As I was walking over I saw Skylar coming down the road.  Talk about good timing!  I got the camera out and started taking pictures and noticed Sarah was not far behind him and then I saw Rick a little ways back.  After he crossed the finish line I saw Kendra getting close.  They were all right there together!....Except for Brach:(  He got a late start because he was in the bathroom and then pulled his calf trying to catch up with everyone! Poor Brach!  He made it to the end though and we were all happy that he made it!

A quick note about Rick's training.  His goal was to run the whole distance, no walking!  He has been slowly increasing his running distance to prepare for the full 3.2 miles.  Last Monday he measured the distance that he needed to run.  It was basically to the church and back via Sun Valley.  He was able to make the run twice during the week and was gaining confidence.  On Friday, the day before the run, he started out and halfway through it he started having negative thoughts which caused him to  lose confidence in himself.  He looked down to see he was walking.  He picked up his pace until he got to the Malmgrens home on Sun Valley and just gave up completely.  He climbed the fence and came home the back way.  It really worried him seeing how the race was the next day AND it was going to be hilly whereas Grantsville is pretty flat.   After showering he sat down for his morning scripture study and focused on scriptures about having faith.  Well, I'm pleased to say that he "Slayed the Beast" and was able to keep his feet running the whole way (Sugarhouse hills and all).  He is my Hero and a great example of accomplishing what he set out to do.  I love my Sweetie!!

Before the race picture

Grandma Sharon and Henry

Grandma Nell and Scout

Rafe's horse cheek.....

and the other side a baseball

Sky Man

She Ra Sarah

Rockin' Rick

Kool (and dripping) Kendra

The Bo Man

Soggy but happy!

Afterwards we went to IHOP with the Bomans and had a wonderful breakfast.
Only after a few minutes were they talking about "the next run."  Probably in a couple of months.  Maybe the Grantsville 4th of July 5 K.  If all goes well I will plan to join them. (Walking, of course)

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  1. Love the Grantsville 4th 5k! You should do it :)