Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Brian Regan

Last weekend we made another quick trip to St. George.  For Christmas I bought Rick some tickets to see Brian Regan at the Tuacahn Theatre on May 2nd.  Last Thursday night after Rick's church meetings we left Grantsville for the drive to St. George.  It was late and we didn't arrive until 2:45 AM.  I did not want to travel that late cause umm.....IT'S DANGEROUS but Rick was all for it. He lasted for two hours till we got to Meadow and then he wanted to pull over.  I on the other hand just wanted to get to our destination so I drove for an hour or so while he rested and then he drove the rest of the way.  It felt so good to crawl into bed that night!  On the other hand it was nice waking up and already being there:)  Skylar and Sarah had already gotten there early in the afternoon and had enjoyed the evening.  The guys (including Matt, Sarah's brother) went golfing while Sarah and I stayed behind and just hung out.  We had a nice dinner at The Gun Barrel Restaurant and then drove out to Tuacahn for the show.  I love sitting in that Theatre!  The beautiful red mountain makes quite the backdrop.  Joe Zimmerman opened for Brian and was pretty funny!  Brian came on after that and we had some good laughs.  Some of his stuff I had heard before but we had a fun time laughing at his antics:)  It was a fun night!  We woke up early the next morning to get back for a wedding so it was a quick trip but it is ALWAYS fun to be in St. George!!

The four of us.

A selfie during intermission.

Brian doing his show.

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