Saturday, August 9, 2014

Henry's Here!!

Henry Clyde Phelps was born last night at 7 PM.   He weighs 7 lbs and 7 oz. 
 (Skylar said, "Well, I guess we know what number his soccer jersey will be.":-)  
He is 20 inches and is a wonderful bundle of joy!!  

I got a picture of their cute family but it did not upload to i cloud so I can't post it:( anyway....

Here is a closeup of his little face.

and another......

Grandma is loving it!!
(I don't know what Sarah was doing in this picture
 but truly she looked so beautiful after just giving birth.)

Grandpa and his new little buddy!

Here's something fun.....
Sarah's nurse's last name was Phelps and her anesthesiologist's last name was Rigby.  
What are the odds of that.  This was truly Henry's special day!!


  1. What a cute little guy he is!! (He doesn't look like a 'Henry' at all to me...) :) I think he's darling and Sarah DOES look beautiful back there in her bed. What a sweet little family they'll make! I can tell you guys are all REALLY happy with his arrival--and the doctor and nurse's names are truly unbelievable! Love, karen

  2. Henry is sooo cute and tiny. Congratulations....

  3. So exciting!! He looks like such a cute little baby. I bet they are just LOVING him!! And now Rafe has another boy in the family. yay! Congratulations!