Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Dinner

Happy Father's Day!!

Last night the kids met up with Rick and I at the Garden Restaurant to celebrate Father's Day for Rick.  It was good to be with the kids.  We had an enjoyable evening visiting and just being together.
We hadn't seen Gary for a couple of weeks so it was nice to get to be with him.  He is doing well.  I sure want the best for that boy.  I hope he learns the lessons in life that he needs to.  He's a great kid!  Just gets a little turned around sometimes:)

Sarah's belly is getting big!  She looks bigger in the picture than in real life.  Seven more weeks until her due date!  She's super cute....and solo happy to be done with work.
  Kendra is showing pretty well now.  I believe she is at her 23 week date. 
 Kaitlyn got all gussied up and looked really beautiful.  She says she is excited for the word from her doctor to be able to get out and exercise.  She's ready to get the baby weight off. 
 Skylar and Brach are doing great!  They are getting some sales for Superior and that's good for them as well as for the company.  They sure are great husbands and Brach is a great dad to Rafe.

Here's a shot with Grandpa and the babies!
Haivyn is a real beauty and Rafe is super fun.  He is finally starting to say a few words. 
 It's fun to hear his little lisp:)

Sunday for dinner Rick requested Coconut Shrimp (a recipe I found four years ago when we vacationed in St. Thomas) so that's what I made him.  With that, I served rice pilaf, roasted parmesan asparagus, rolls and raspberry jello.  
I made him a Razzleberry Pie (Marie Calendar's frozen.....$4.99.....I couldn't pass that up:)
He loves berry pies but doesn't get them very much at our house so it was a real treat.

I sure love this guy!  He is the LIGHT of my world!!
As I sat in Sacrament Meeting today listening to the speakers talk about what it means to be an honorable Priesthood holder.  I was filled with gratitude for the fathers in my life.  

One of them is my wonderful father who would give you the shirt off of his back.  He is very good and takes his Priesthood responsibilities seriously.  He is the Sunday School President in his ward and it is neat to see how he had stepped up to fulfill that calling the best he can.  He also works in the Las Vegas Temple every Tuesday night as an ordinance worker.  He is wonderful!

Of course, I feel very blessed to be the wife of such an amazing husband and father.  For all of you that know Rick,  you of course know of his goodness.  He is kind, tender, and loving.  He is filled with good and makes my life so happy.  I am so thankful that he is mine forever:)

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  1. I love the wonderful tribute you pay to my brother Rick, Janell. He truly is a marvelously GOOD person, and I'm SO GLAD you two found each other!
    I also love the fact that you know how to make coconut shrimp! That'll be fun to find out from you one of these days!
    Your family all seem very happy--what a great picture!!