Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Tulip Festival

Last week for our date night Rick and I went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  I have been wanting to go for the last couple of years and have never been able to.  Tulips are my favorite flower (especially the giant pink ones) and I sure did get my fill of them.  Over 120,000 bulbs were planted last fall.  Lots of tulips!!  

I know the pictures don't do these flowers justice but these purple and orange mixed together were my favorite!  
The orange ones have a bit of a purple stripe down the side so they look really nice together.

This is the perfect stage of the tulip.....right before the bud opens up:)

Rick and I at the cascading waters.  

These are hyacinths with the tulips in the background.  
They also had many daffodils on show as well.

I would love to plant some tulips in my planters but it seems by the time October rolls in after a long summer of yard work I get lazy and I don't want to do any planting!  HaHa!  This makes it sound like I do a lot of yard work.  I really don't but I do take care of all my flowers!!  

Speaking of which I am going to plant my annuals tomorrow and Rick will get the garden in on Saturday.   It's gonna be great!!

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  1. Wow--that 'field' of Hyacinths is beautiful!! I LOVE the soft fragrance from hyacinths!
    Dennis and I went to the Tulip Festival a couple years ago, and after standing in a huge long line--and then finding that we had to pay something like ten dollars per person to get in--we got in and walked around a little bit, and I found that my back hurt too badly for us to keep on walking, so we ended up LEAVING after just a short time there. So it's good to see all these beautiful pictures and find out what we missed out on!! :) Love, Karen