Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Rick and I had a night out on Monday.  Brach and Kendra recommended a place that they had recently seen on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.  The episode highlighted a SLC restaurant that we had never been to.  It is called Maxwell's and is located around 400 South Main Street.  It is an Italian place and the food was excellent....and plenty of it!  I got the chicken parmesan while Rick had......

....lasagna and a meatball!
Seriously,  the meatball was a meal in and of itself!
The portions were huge...definatley too much food for one sitting.

After dinner we drove over to Anniversary Inn and stayed in the Venice Room.
We have been to this B&B many times but we have never stayed in this particular room.  We got to sleep in a 18 foot gondola bed with a beautiful mural painting behind it:)  At the foot of the bed was a sitting area where couples can relax and watch a movie.  
We prefer watching shows from a horizontal position so the sitting area was not even needed.

The bathtub was very elegant with wonderful rain shower spigots.

A picture of the mural.

We saved the Martinelli's to bring home.
We woke up Tuesday with a full day planned.  We started with a fun breakfast waiting for us just outside our door.  After breakfast we got ready and drove up to the airport where we met up with the Baker clan waiting for their missionary Chris to arrive home from the Phoenix Arizona Mission.  After greeting him and taking pictures (they must be on Rick's phone because I cant find them:( we drove over to the mall to get some new white shirts for Rick.  We lost three of his church shirts last week when SOMEBODY forgot to take HIS pen out of HIS pocket and ink got EVERYWHERE!! We had to throw away numerous pairs of garments, my favorite white shorts and a new white tee.  It was a huge load and I salvaged a few pieces of clothing by scrubbing with rubbing alcohol but for the most part it was a big loss.  Anyway,  while Rick chose some new shirts I, of course, headed over to the baby section.  I bought a few new pieces for the upcoming additions to our family!  Kendra found out on Monday that she is having a girl so we are excited for that!  With the next two births we will be even at two girls and two boys:)

After shopping we hurried up to the temple where Mark and Taryn had their baby Emry Sealed to them in the SL Temple.  It was a neat experience:)  Emry is just so precious!  I love her big smile!

Since Brach and Kendra were with us at the temple we decided to go back to Maxwell's for lunch and let them try it out since it was their idea in the first place.  We sat on the patio and enjoyed the good food and good company:)  Afterwards we sneaked on over to Ruby Snaps for some melt in your mouth cookies.  If you have never tried Ruby Snap cookies you are missing out!!  It is fun to just walk in their shop because they let you sample as many cookies as you want before you decide.  They have raised their prices which were not cheap to begin with.  Now they are at $2.50 per cookie which I think is highway robbery but it is a fun treat!

Last on the list was cleaning the car then going to Kaitlyn and John's place to check up on them and baby Haivyn.  They are doing fairly well.  Haivyn is just really fun to snuggle with!  I love holding her.
It was surely an eventful day and into the night as we both had church responsibilities to take care of.  I'm so glad that we were able to spend Monday night in town and enjoy the whole next day together.  We both needed that!   I love making memories with my sweetie!

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  1. Thanks for the eating establishment ideas. I can't wait to go and find these places myself. Glad you had such a nice "getaway".