Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Capitol Reef......Again:)

This past weekend we were able to take a trip down to Capitol Reef National Park.  We have been there with our family many times!  Superior had a bunch of trade that they needed to use up at a motel down there so Rick reserved about twenty rooms for his extended family.  The only ones who could make it from our family were Brach and Kendra and Rafe.  They were in the room next to ours.  It was a cold weekend but we still had fun being outdoors. 

On Friday we hiked to Hickman Bridge.  I like this hike because it's not too strenuous.  It's about a mile in and the first part is some heavy duty stairs but after that it evens out into a nice walk.  We had a whole big group with us but Rick and I brought up the rear.....well, actually, I brought up the rear and Rick just accompanied me:)  He is a good sport!  This hike made me realize that I'm not in my thirties any more!  

The five of us!

The Bomans!  
Rafe turned his head the wrong way just in time but don't B&K look cute!

A shot in the rocks!

We went to Fruita to have a picnic at the park.  When we first got there it was pouring rain so we hopped on over to the gift shop and bought a few trinkets.  After a bit the rain stopped but boy was it chilly!  Mid 40's I'd say with a stiff breeze...and all I brought was an old hoodie!  Definitely not picnic weather but we did it anyway.
Here's one table.....

...and then the other:)
After lunch I went back to the room and snuggled under the covers for the next couple of hours.

On Saturday we took the ranger up the mountain south of Teasdale.  After about 20 minutes of driving it started to rain and then hail.  The Boman's were in the front seat and were getting pretty wet.  Luckily Kendra brought a little blanket to cover them up.  Cute little Rafester fell asleep on the way back down the mountain.  After having lunch at "Slackers" and a little afternoon rest we ventured over to Chimney Rock.  It's always fun to see the sandstone up close.  The crystals in the rock are really cool!

Rafe was cute running around smelling the wildflowers.  He was really fun to be with the whole weekend.  This boy loves the outdoors!  He is too precious and lots of fun:)

Sunday was a much nicer day.  After attending the Torrey Ward we went back to Fruita for another picnic.  This one was much more enjoyable.  There was quite a group of us.  That night we got a group together in the breakfast room of the hotel (where we could all fit) and played games.  
It was a great trip but I am very happy to be back home where I get to sleep in my own SOFT bed.  Motel beds just aren't that great:(
Good fun.  Good food.  Good family.


  1. This trip sounds really FUN! I especially like the "playing games in the breakfast room" part of it!! I was surprised to hear that it was rainy and cold, part of the time. Here at home where we had our little family gathering, it was sunny and beautifully warm the whole four day holiday! It was even about 84 as we were having our picnic at the river bottoms on Monday, so I guess there was at least ONE good thing about having to miss out on being with you all! ha!

  2. Could you have taryn or mark text me please this is arianna my number is 435 225 0337 or send a email to me thank you.. sorry this is the only way i have found to contact them at all