Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend was busy and fun.  With Kaitlyn having her baby early Friday morning I spent the day with her at the hospital.   Rick texted me earlier in the day telling me that he really wanted to eat at Settebello's, a fun pizzeria, later that night.  He got to the hospital around 4:30 in the afternoon  to visit and hold sweet Haivyn.   As it was getting closer to the 5 o'clock hour he kept hinting that we needed to leave.  I felt uneasy leaving Kaitlyn and was thinking to myself, "We can wait another hour.  We're not going to starve."  Then he quietly said to me, "You have a Mother's Day present waiting for you."  I then understood that my kids were waiting for us to have dinner for my mother's day present. We drove the few blocks to Settebello's and had a good time with the Bomans and the Phelpses where we had nice conversation and yummy food!  If you've never been to Settebello's you should give it a try.  It's the closest thing to authentic Italian pizza that I have found.  
Skylar and Sarah love it and now I think Brach and Kenni have been converted as well:)

The Settebello's crew

Saturday I was at the hospital again for the day.  Kaitlyn was doing a bit better and even got a shower in.  I braided her hair and helped her with some makeup.  It's amazing what a little foundation and blush can do for a woman's confidence:)  I had to leave around 4:00 because we had a work party scheduled at our home that night. No pictures of that but it was a fun time with all of Superior's salesmen and their wives (except for Dalton who came stag:)  We  had a BBQ (we had to eat inside though because of the cold weather) and played games and ended with a movie.   Well, I was on the phone with my mom during most of the movie.  

A big shout out to my mother.  I love you!!  Your one of my best friends:)
While everyone was watching the movie I made a video of myself sing a primary song to my mother and e-mailed it to her:)  It was pretty ridiculous but if it gave her even just a little bit of joy it was worth it.  Did you like it, mom?

Sunday was nice.  I stayed busy at church with primary and playing the organ and then playing for choir so I was glad when I got home and could relax.  Rick put together dinner for later in the day and we both took a little nap before heading out to the hospital.  

Kaitlyn, Haivyn, and Grandma on Mother's Day 

Isn't she sweet?  I just love that little girl!

After visiting we headed back home where Gary was waiting for us.  We sat down to our lasagna dinner and had a nice chat with Gary.

Aunt Kathy thinks Gare looks like an Israeli with that beard of his:)

It was a nice weekend.  Full but nice.

For Mother's Day Rick bought (ok, well I bought) these cute pillows to go on my patio set.  I have another blue one on order.  They are going to go on the side chairs.

And this outdoor dinnerware is my favorite!!  I got a set of ten placemats, dinner plates, salad plates, and cups..... plus a serving bowl and platter from Pier One.  
Oh yeah, I also got some awesome bejeweled serving spoons.

I LOVE this gift!  I've used them twice already.

Love the colors!

I hope all of you mothers  had a great weekend!!


  1. What a BUSY Mother's Day you had!! Isn't it funny how moms don't really get to relax much on their day?? I like your vivid-colored patio selection! And I love the way you say your mom is your best friend. Isn't it wonderful to have a mother-daughter relationship like that??! I LOVE that relationship that Kamber and I have, TOO! (Dennis teases sometimes that SHE's my best friend, when he knows good and well that HE actually IS!!) :)
    That little Haivyn sure is a cute little girl, isn't she!! And hopefully Kaitlyn is doing pretty good by now. (Having babies is actually not very fun--just the baby itself is fun!!) You're a very great mom, Janell, and it's fun to read that your family honored you so well!! Love, Karen

  2. You know I always love what you write and all your adventures. Your baby granddaughter Haivyn is a doll and I know that she will be spoiled. Can't wait to see your other addition.

  3. What a sweet little grand daughter! And a fun Mother's Day weekend. Always busy!! I LOVE your pillows and dishes! How CUTE!! Congratulations!

  4. How fun, and congrats to Kaitlyn and sweet baby Haiyven. I love your picture with her, what a precious Mother's Day gift for you.