Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hawaii (Day 5))

I'm back to finishing our Hawaii trip!!
On Tuesday we all loaded the van and took a drive.  Our first stop was the blowhole right near our condo.  All you see is people in this shot but truly, the blowhole is behind us in all that lava rock!
Then we drove up to the Waimea Canyon.  The road was a little longer and curvier (Is that even a word?)  By the time we got there more than one of us was just a little carsick.  It helped to get out and get some fresh air and gaze upon the beautiful view.  We could see a waterfall off in the distance as well as a beautiful river running out of the mountain.  And yes, there was more than one!
The Grand Canyon of Hawaii was a wonderful sight to behold!
That night we drove back into Po'ipu to eat at the Paradise Burger.....again.
I think Skylar had at least one pina colada per day:)

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