Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hawaii (Day 6)

On Wednesday, while I stayed back to take care of Rafe, the crew left early for a ride in the jungle.
These are the before pictures........
.....and these are the durings and afters!!  They got totally soaked.  A rain storm started about ten minutes into the ride and there was mud everywhere!!  Of course, the boys had fun splashing in the puddles!  The girls were good sports about it all:)
During the trip they stopped at an old armaments cave. 
It's there in the background.
Luckily, the adventure company provided clothing for them to change into for the ride. 
That didn't do too much good for their undergarments.......covered in red mud!!
The group stopped at some waterfalls.
Rick and Skylar jumped in!!
It was pretty cold water!
That night we got to eat at Duke's.
We had great food and a wonderful view of the bay!
Yes, Skylar had another specialty drink:)
This is what I came for.....
Duke's famous Hula Pie.  A little peice of heaven!
And yes, I shared!!

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