Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas 2013

Even though I still need to finish the Hawaii post I thought I would throw our Christmas pictures in before it gets to be February:)

We had all of the kids come out for Christmas Eve (minus Alyssia).  Skylar and Sarah spent most of the time downstairs with the Rigby's since it was Clyde's (Sarah's dad) birthday.  But they did come up for pictures.  We started our Christmas Eve with our traditional dinner:  Tamales (compliments of our neighbor Mina Cisneros), Chicken and Dumplins (Granda Fern's recipe), stuffed mushrooms, and shrimp cocktail.  I know it's a hodgepodge of food but that's how it goes for this particular dinner.

After dinner we sang songs around the piano and shared thoughts of the Savior and/or a favorite Christmas Story.  Next came the delivering of packages to our neighbors.  The kids love this because they knock on the doors  and run.....then we hightail it out of there before anyone can see us.  The boys are the deliverers and I'm just happy that no one slipped on the ice.  
We made it through without any broken bones:)

The last part of our evening we all gathered in the family room and the siblings opened
gifts given to each other.  Skylar and Sarah joined us for this part.  The kids were really cute!  They were excited to give their gifts.  We also got to open our Christmas jammies!
Here are some pictures of the family.

Rick and I

Skylar and Sarah

Brach and Kendra

Gary and Kaitlyn

A group shot

Cute little Rafers


Christmas morning we got to sleep in until 8:00!  A perk of having older kids.  Although if Gary would have had his way it would have been the traditional 6:30:)

We took out time opening presents and then drove over to the Boman's to see what Santa had brought them!  Rafe loved opening presents!  He had a great time with all of the morning festivities.  Gary stayed home and made us a delicious breakfast.  Seriously!!  It was super good!  I had prepared Kneaders Cinnamon Bread French Toast the night before so it just needed to cook and Gary made everything else:  Breakfast potatoes, sausage, bacon, and scrambled eggs!  
Skylar and Sarah came and spent the day with us and we lounged around all the day!  
It was wonderful.  I hope all of you enjoyed Christmas as well surrounded by loved ones.
Merry (late) Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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