Saturday, August 24, 2013

Skylar and Sarah's new home

Here are some pictures of Sky and Sarah's new home!!  They moved in at the beginning of the month and are so very happy to be there.  This home is just a little more than what they were paying in rent so it's great that they are starting to build some equity.  It was a little bit of a fixer upper and we spent many hours helping them clean and paint!!  They got new carpeting as well.   It turned out really nice!  They love their new ward and the second week they attended Skylar was put into the Young Men's presidency!  He's really excited.  He says they are a great group of boys!
They invited us over for a family night this past week and so I got some pictures.  They are still unpacking and don't have decorations on the walls yet but that'll come:-)
A view of the outside
Just inside the front door
A nice spacious family room.  They just purchased the brown couch.
The kitchen and back door
.....more kitchen.  Sarah found this refrigerator on KSL for a good price.
Skylar's office.  He's way excited about this!
This desk is another KSL find.
That sealing fan will be changed as time and money permit:)
The master bedroom. 
Sarah likes the bright colors and I think it fits BOTH of their personalities well. 
Don't you think?
I love the flower mirror that she painted to fit her color scheme!
Master bath....another bright color
...and lastly the main bath.  
Sarah worked the color scheme around that cute shower curtain!
They have one more bedroom that will be used as a guest room. 
I didn't get a picture because it's full of boxes.
The covered patio....
....and the back yard.  They have a bit of space back there and it is fully fenced.
There are also a few fruit trees.  One is apricot and I'm not sure what the other is.
Skylar still needs to buy a lawn mower:)

Along with getting into their house they purchase a washer and dryer.  They haven't had one in their apartment so that will be super nice not to have to drag their laundry out to Grantsville each weekend!  These two have worked hard at saving and planning for this place.  They had to put out just a little more than they were expecting for the repairs but that always seems to happen.
                               Congatulations Sky and Sarah!!

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  1. What a nice house!! I'm SO GLAD they got to get into a home like this so early in their marriage!! It's really a wise thing to do--and it seems to be a very suitable, roomy place. And it's great to have a laundry room! Is it very near you??