Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bear Lake

Last night we got back from our family reunion held at Bear Lake.  We had so much fun last year at that campground that we wanted to try it again.  We arrived on Wednesday afternoon.  Beforehand we had decided to let each couple prepare a meal.  The first night was our turn.  Here's Rick getting the sausage ready. 
We served salad, spaghetti, french bread, and dutch oven cookies (got a little was our first attempt and trying those:( and homemade ice cream for dessert.  It was a pleasant evening.
Sky and Sarah waiting patiently for dinner.
The next morning after a nice dutch oven breakfast we headed over to the beach.   It was just a five minute walk from our campsite.  The next two days were fun as we played in the water!
Some things we did were:
 rented some waverunners (no pictures of those)
......Played on the paddle board 
......did some fishing
........made a sandcastle
.......then made another sand castle
rented a paddle boat
......played in the sand and water with Rafe
.......had a tailgate lunch under the shade of our new canopy
.....took a nap
.....and enjoyed the sun
Friday night we celebrated Skylar's birthday.  Brach and Kendra made up a nice dutch oven stew for dinner with some peach cobbler for dessert!  Afterwards we had a family council and testimony meeting.  Then we did some celebrating by telling fun memories of the birthday boy, opening presents, having some carrot cake that Sarah made, and then playing some games in the trailer.
Skylar got some new waders and a new hiking backpack and had to show them off for us. 
He was way excited! 
Brach and Kendra got him a gift card for the movies and a goody basket to take with him.

Skylar and Sarah had the Thursday night meal and they served us fajitas with fresh guacamole.  We had fun playing games and watching a movie that night.  Friday morning Kaitlyn and John were in charge of breakfast. They made ham and eggs and pancakes!  John was a huge help at the camp.  He pitched right in and helped with whatever needed to be done!

  We did have a few problems that I should document.  When we got there on Wednesday, while Rick was setting up, the hitch on the trailer broke.  It took a little extra brain power to try to figure out how to get the trailer off the truck and then the trailer set up but it all worked out.  The second kink was on Thursday when we were at the beach our canopy broke.  First, Chester was hooked up to one of the legs and at one point he took off after another dog and broke the leg of the canopy.....later the wind came and blew it into the next camp.  I had bought the canopy for Rick for Christmas and was so excited to use it.  This was our first use and it broke!  I spent $120 on that thing and it didn't even come with any stakes!!  Rick got up early Friday morning and drove into Logan and picked up a new hitch and a new canopy (with stakes this time) and it worked out great. 

                                           All in all it was a fun reunion!

  We did have some issues with a child or two but that's par for the course in the Phelps family.  I don't usually blog about the hard things in life.  We all have trials and sometimes I wish it were different..... but it's not.  It has been very difficult raising children with severe emotional issues as well as.... dare I say it....  mental illness.   It has been the most difficult thing in my life.  Thank goodness for Rick being right there by my side through it all.  Not to mention Skylar and Kendra (who have had to deal with it since they were very young) and their good mates who try to be very understanding.   We continue to do our best as a family to love each other.... and help those who are lost to find their way:)  I just might not be inviting ALL of my children next year.....we'll see.

                                  LIFE REALLY IS GOOD!  I LOVE IT!

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  1. Well--this looks like a very FUN reunion, indeed!! ( spite of any 'upsets' you may have had...) I'm delighted that you are even HAVING a 'family reunion'!! I think it's wonderful!! We started having OUR reunions a couple years after Lance and Jen got married--just the year that Blaine was leaving on his mission. We had them for four years before another new bride--(Lisa) joined our family and before there were any "little ones" (Ryan).

    We've got our 18th little Hone Family Reunion coming up this Labor Day week-end, and we, too, are planning to go to Bear Lake this year. I'm SO GLAD you did so much fun stuff!!