Monday, August 19, 2013

Class of 1983

Thursday night we got a call from an old schoolmate of Rick's.   She told us of their class reunion that was going to be held on Saturday.  TWO DAYS away!  We arranged our day so we could take the 3 1/2 hour drive to Snake River High School to meet up with his old friends.  This was their 30th reunion and most of these people he hadn't seen since he left Blackfoot just after his Junior year.  He went to school all of his years in the Blackfoot area area but his Senior year moved to South Jordan so he did not graduate with his classmates.  Instead he graduated from Bingham High.  I think it's been a regret of his not to have graduated with those he grew up with due to circumstances beyond his control:(
We got there a little early so we stopped by his old stompin' grounds. Here is the house in Thomas where he lived until he was eight.  He has very fond memories of this house because most of his brothers and sisters lived here with him.  There is 18 years between him and, Karen, his oldest sister.
Next was the Thomas church just about a mile from their old home. 
Right behind the church stands the middle school. It was the Jr. High when he lived there.
House # 2
(Just a few miles away from house #1)
  Rick lived here for a few years then his mom decided to rent it and live in a trailer in the back.
It's pretty run down now:(
House #3
He lived here from the time he was about 13 until his move to South Jordan.
It's a few miles over in Rockford. 
Some pictures of his classmates.
There were quite a few people there.
I didn't know a single one.
They catered some Fresh Mex and did some visiting. 
We got back about midnight.
He was glad to have gone!
It was fun for me to see the homes he used to live in!


  1. Does Rick remember Nolan Mecham? He was a principle at Snake River High and lived in Thomas. Nolan is my uncle. Just curious...
    Brenda Connell

  2. My goodness, Janell--I just talked with you this past Saturday at Brad's birthday party, and I wish I would've read this post SOONER--I had NO IDEA that you went to Rick's Reunion!! How NICE!! That was one FAST trip, eh!?? Glad you were able to DO it!! Love, Karen