Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Autumn Picnic

Recently, we enjoyed a family outing with the Phelpses, the Bakers, and the Allens. We had a cookout up at Settlement Canyon just outside of Tooele. Rick cooked up some yummy dutch oven potatoes to go along with the steak and chicken that was grilled up. The fall colors were in 'full bloom' and very beautiful. I love this time of year. It is sad though to think that summer is leaving us so soon. We enjoyed sitting around the campfire visiting while the kids (they really aren't kids anymore) played games. It got pretty chilly and I couldn't stop shivering by the time we were to leave. If we're lucky we'll get to do this at least one more time before the snow flies:)
Rick's new friend...

Rick cooking up some spuds.

Ready for dinner....

The kids playing UNO


  1. Looks like fun. I'm sad I missed it. :(

  2. My, My--It really DOES look like fun! I'm glad you got To do that. Isn't it funny how simple little things like a picnic with family brings just as much joy as a big FULL=BLOWN exotic vacation?? (I will not exactly say it's just as memorable or just as EXCITING, but it certainly brings us JOY--don't you think???) I'm glad you wrote about this. Everyone looks like they're having a GREAT time!!
    By the way--where in the world did that huge spider come from??? Love, Karen

  3. Looks like a blast. Crazy how your family is all growing up! Fun times!

  4. Kay, I am sorry if my comment shows up twice now...I think that I lost my last one, so I will try again! :)
    That spider looks terrifying! I would have imagined them crawling on me all night long! :-/
    But it looks like you all had such a wonderful time, and the scenery looks GORGEOUS! I am glad that you all got to take a break and be together! Family is the best! We love you, Aunt Janell!