Thursday, September 22, 2011

My St. George Birthday Weekend

I had a FABULOUS birthday weekend. The kids (minus Alyssia who couldn't miss school) joined Rick and I in St. George on Friday evening where we cooked a nice dinner and had a movie night. Saturday morning we got to go to Sand Hollow Resevoir with my sister Deanna and her husband Kelly who have a very nice boat. My nephew Jeremy was there as well and he brought along his three darling kids. We had a wonderful day on the lake. We skiied, wakeboarded, kneeboarded, tubed, and some even jumped off some VERY high cliffs. Hint: NOT me!! That night even though we were tired we hopped on over to Chili's for dinner where we watched the 3rd quarter of the BYU/U game. We left beftore we could get too worked up about it and hit the hay.
Sunday was nice and relaxing with an 11:00 church block and afternoon naps with dinner, games and a movie (17 Miracles). Nice day.
Monday (my special day:) we went to the Outlet Mall and did some shopping, had enough of that and went back to the house to swim and lounge by the pool with a book (my favorite thing to do)!! That evening I got to open my presents from the fam and then we went to our favorite restaurant, Samarai 21 and had our favorite chef (Leo) and had some yummy food. Afterward we headed over to the Tuacahn Theatre to see The Little Mermaid. Some of us liked it....some of us didn't. I won't say what my opinion was. Anyway, the next morning the kids all had to leave to get back home to their jobs and I have to admit after they left I felt a little lonesome for them. I really hated to see them go. (Rick and I stayed an extra night) I LOVED the weekend with my family. It was a wonderful!!

All of us had a chance to do some watersports:)

Pool Time......

The fam bought me some nice birthday gifts. My very own pair of Tom's from B&K, an osterizer from The Gare, Some goodies and wall art from Kait, and some perfume and a certificate for a massage from my sweetie:)


  1. So glad that you had a nice birthday, and especially with your family. Happy Belated Birthday!. You're awesome.

  2. Looks so fun, Happy Birthday. I'm glad they took good care of you!

  3. What a wonderful time you guys had! And how nice that WE got to see you at Kaleb's wedding time!
    Do you guys even have a POOL at the place there in St. George??

    What in the world is your very own "TOMS"?? (even seeing the picture didn't help me figure it out!!) (i'm way behind the times, I guess!) Love, Karen