Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Elder Phelps....Home at Last!!

Last Saturday was truly one of the BEST days of my life!! Skylar Alan Phelps walked off the plane and back into my arms!! He was supposed to arrive on Friday the 21st and we (The Phelpses and The Bakers) were waiting there at the airport with open arms but......no Skylar. After about an hour a flight attendant walked up to us and told us that there were no missionaries on the flight from Atlanta (their last leg). Another family was waiting there for there own missionary and apparently we both missed the memo of the changed flight plans:( I hadn't checked my e-mail that morning but had checked up on the flight from Atlanta knowing that it was on it's way. Anyway, long story short. The airplane from Asuncion to Buenos Aires had mechanical trouble and so they had to get off. The sad part of that is that none of the missionaries had visas to enter into Argentina so while the other passengers were put up their hotel rooms, six missionaries had to find a nice place on the hard tile floor to spend the next TWENTY-FOUR HOURS. Skylar said it wasn't all bad because after quite a few hours someone from the airport there in Buenos Aires took pity on them and invited them into the VIP lounge where they were treated to all the crackers and cheese they wanted:) AND they had a chair to sit in. The good part for Skylar is that he was able to give away SIX BOM's (3 Spanish and 3 English) and had some great talks with people coming through immigration. You can imagine our dissappointment after expecting our boy to be home on Friday and realizing that he wasn't coming until the next day. BUT.....THE NEXT DAY CAME!! When I saw the first missionaries coming down the escalator I knew my boy was up there somewhere and burst into tears. Sky must of been at the back of the plane because it took another good 10 minutes for him to come down. Gary had been waiting at the top of the escalator because he wanted to be the first one to see him. When I saw the boys coming down I couldn't stay in the waiting area. I jetted right over to the escalator and threw myself into his arms. Kendra was right behind me and what do you know....she was crying too. I really didn't think I would cry but hmm sometimes you just never know what's gonna happen when your a girl:) What a wonderful sight!! We all got to give him a welcome home hug and that began one of the sweetest and most enjoyable days of my life. After getting Sky's bags we headed home where a nice big brunch was waiting for us. We sat around for hours and just listened to our missionary talk and tell us of life in Paraguay and the many miracles that he had seen throughout the last two years. All weekend I was on cloud nine. I am soooooo happy!


  1. WOW--How WONDERFUL!! How EXCITING to see that Skylar guy!! And to think he's REALLY HOME--How fantastic!!

    I hadn't heard about his delay. I was certainly WONDERING about him, but I didn't want to call and spoil any gathering anybody might be having, so I'm really glad you wrote this on here. THANKS!!

    What a LET DOWN that first trip to the Airport was!!~ Wow--I didn't ever experience anything like THAT!! I'm delighted, though, that the missionaries got crackers and cheese--and not JUST a hard floor!! :)

    We look forward to coming this week-end and hearing Skylar talk on Sunday--plus we're excited to see EVERYBODY at the fun gatherings that are planned--ESPECIALLY your annual Halloween Party!! (I had a little 'fall' today and hurt my shoulder and I'm having an MRI tomorrow, so I sure hope it doesn't hinder me coming!!!!)

    Well--See you SOON!! Love, Karen

  2. This post made me cry. What a special experience. I'm so glad he finally made it.

  3. Oh, wow! I can't even IMAGINE standing there WAITING at the airport...and no Missionary! I am SO glad that it was only a day...but what a long day that must have been! I am glad that he is home safe and sound....and I am so happy for all of you! What a great example you have been and he has been. We are so blessed to be a part of your familia!

  4. It brought back my memories of Scott and Gar. That 2 years went fast. Can't wait to hear him on Sunday...

  5. I really wanted to come to his Homecoming, but it was our Primary program today. I loved reading this post.....what an awesome time for your family! We miss you and ALL the D Peak Ward :'(