Sunday, October 30, 2011


October is Great!! Almost as good as September:) Kendra has been talking about going to the Pumpkin patch for 2 weeks now so we took some time last week to do it. We didn't get there until after dark so we searched the field by flashlight. It was sorta fun:) We bought a bunch. There were only 2 of the white ones left and they looked pretty sorry but we took them anyway. WE ended the night with a classic film....."Murder He Says". It's an old b&w with Fred MacMurray. A really silly film. It was good to laugh! We have some traditional films that we watch in October and this is one. Some of the others are...."The Ghost and Mr. Chicken", "Arsenic and Old Lace" (love this one), "Haunted Honeymoon", and "And Then There Were None". We won't get to them all but they are all fun to watch this time of the year!! We watched "Charade" (with Cary Grant) a few weeks ago and that's a great one too. Do you have any Halloween favorites to introduce to us?? Let me know. Halloween is almost over but we hopefully will get a few more in. FYI.....I love mysteries (especially b&w's) and I don't like 'em too intense.

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  1. Aunt Janell that looks so fun! And I think you named all of my favorite Halloween movies :) Well, we do watch Them almost every year at the Allen home. But more for sentimental reasons than anything :) I have been thinking about you having Skylar back all week! I love all of the pictures of him and can't wait to come and see that boy that is not a little boy in the least! My mom said his talk was amazing. Your family looks so great!!