Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Reception

Brach and Kendra's reception turned out great. Yes, there are a few things that I would do differently but all in all I was pleased with the way everything turned out. For 2 1/2 months straight we had been praying that the weather would cooperate for us on this day. While we were at the luncheon I got word from home that the wind was really bad and that we would have to change the plan as far as the backdrop went. It was supposed to be out in front of the trampoline to cover it and to discourage the kids from playing on it. Well, the backdrop kept blowing over and so it got moved onto the patio. Plan B. It turned out OK other than our guests now had to wait out on the driveway to get onto the patio to meet the bride and groom. I felt bad because the line was long the WHOLE night. (and the driveway is NOT the most comfortable place to stand) Some people waited in line for over an hour. We had a tremendous support from friends in the community and of course, family. We actually were very blessed and felt that Heavenly Father answered our prayers. Just before the reception was to start the wind died down and it was really pleasant the rest of the night. It was a HUGE tender mercy for us. I loved having the different patio sets out throughout the yard so that the guests didn't have to stay under the tent if they didn't want to. It definitly felt like a garden wedding. My niece Leslie was a HUGE help in ideas and the go to girl for troubleshooting. She basically held the fort down throughout the day. (Thanks Les for everything....I owe you.....still)
The food was wonderful (despite the millions of Grantsville flies...eeeww). Our caterer was out of Logan and she was great. She served chicken salad, turkey and ham sandwiches. Also, fresh fruit, a cheese and crackers tray, pasta salad, and desserts for the white and milk chocolate fountains. For dessert Kendra's cousin, Kara, made up cupcakes and had them decorated so darling. There were also three different cakes for the guests to slice into. Brach's Aunt LaRee made her wedding cake. It was really darling. The cake topper was made by the florist and she used the same flowers that were in Kenni's bouquet.
Kendra's bridesmaids were her twin sisters Kaitlyn and Alyssia, and her cousins, Jenni and Bonnie with Julie as her maid of honor. Brach's groomsmen were his brothers Sage, Bridger, and Burke as well as his friends Jared Flack and his best man Micah Watson.
It was an unforgettable night!! I hope that everyone that attended enjoyed themselves completely!


  1. thanks for the posts, so happy for your family and those two newly weds:) what a fantastic and classy reception

  2. It was a beautiful reception. You guys did an amazing job.