Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Temple Wedding

This wedding post is sectioned into three different parts. The Wedding, The Reception, and The Details. It has been fun for me to remember and reflect on the beauty of this day.......I hope you enjoy the pictures!!
June 29, 2011 will be a day that I will always remember. My sweet Kendra was married for time and all eternity to her sweetheart Brach Boman. It was a wonderful day and she was truly radiant. I usually cry at weddings (not sad tears by any means...happy tears) but this time all I felt in the temple was peace. As our former Stake President, Brooke Hales performed the ordinance I felt such joy to be there in that place and at that time. He taught true principles and yes, I did tear up a little as my heart felt true joy.
After the ceremony I helped Kendra get dressed into her wedding gown (she was married in her temple dress) and the couple came outside to be greeted by friends and family. We took a few pictures on the steps and then it started to rain. As we all scattered to find shelter someone handed Brach an umbrella. Then the wind came up and that's where the funny pictures come in. I only posted a few but it was pretty hilarious. Brach's such a goof.
We found refuge in the JS Memorial Building where we took a lot of pictures of the bridal party. It sure is beautiful in there.
After pictures we had a wonderful luncheon hosted by Doug and Leesa (Brach's parents) at the Lion House. We were served rolls and green salad, pork chops and veggies and potatoes. For dessert we had cheesecake. It was a nice break before the big party that was to come!!


  1. All of these pictures are adorable! Kendra's wedding was amazing, every last detail. :) I think you guys are pro wedding planners!

  2. I love the picture of you and Kendra together. What a beautiful mom and daughter. Actually, I think that I love ALL these pictures. What a fun day.

  3. The pictures are beautiful. I can see that Brach is a ham. Looks like fun.