Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Rick and I took another quick trip down south again. This time it was an overnighter in Vegas for my niece's blessing. We got there at 8 PM Saturday and left at 2 PM the next afternoon. I actually think that is the fastest trip we have ever made. Here is a picture of Boyd, Mare (my sis....short for Mary Ellen) their 16 year old daughter Gabby, and little Scarlett Lucia. She is squalling in this picture because she is hungry but ooohhh is she beautiful! Doesn't my sister look great! She is an awesome mom.
Scarlett is such a miracle all the way around!
Boyd gave her a beautiful blessing.As Rick and I pulled into the parking lot of the church I spotted my childhood friend Lynn Reynolds (Musso). I couldn't miss her because amongst all the mini vans and suburbans I spotted her Nissan 350 Z (a totally sweet ride)! I hopped out and sure enough it was her and her husband Bill. They are not members of the church so it was great to sit with them through the meeting. We have been friends for 38 Years! Almost to the day. She is a year older than me but she still looks like she is in her 20's. It was great to see her!
Needless to say I was anxious to get back home. I am about road tripped out. Thank goodness next weekend is General Conference. A good reason to stay home. We're leaving for Mexico City in a week and a half.
I am very happy we are not driving there:)

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