Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Wedding, a Sealing, and a Birthday

Last weekend our sweet niece Jenni Lyn got hitched! YEA! She married Brandon Orr and they are such a delightful couple. We are so happy for them!
They are on their honeymoon on a Carribean cruise. Saweet!Brad and Ruth are the happy parents.

Kenni and Gare foolin' around at the reception.

The very next day we traveled down to St. George for the sealing of my nephew Andrew and his wife Mary Ann and their 1 month old son, Brody. Andrew and Mary have been married for exactly one year. She was baptized just prior to that so I am VERY happy for their little family and this special time in their lives.

Yes, I had a birthday!!! It was great! Rick and Kathy (his sister)cooked and cleaned and made the day wonderful for me. We had some visitors that night and we had fun visiting and laughing. OK, so I was not going to post this picture but Kendra and Brach did a mighty fine job decorating my cake. Plus they are just sooo cute together:) I think they kinda like each other;-)

I have no idea why there are two S's by my J initial.
I think they got a little carried away with the pastry bag.
(Actually kendra was trying to put some swirly's on there)
It's the thought that counts.
Gary and Austin are just waiting to get a taste.
Thanks everyone for a fun night!!


  1. So much fun. So sorry I missed Jenni's reception. I will have to make it up to her. Darn work. Also, Kendra looks mighty happy, but I won't start any rumors. Dating is already hard enough without nosy neighbors or ward members.

    Glad you had such an amazing and nice birthday. You deserved it. Happy belated birthday!!!!

  2. We enjoyed spending time at the wedding with your family. Happy Birthday!

  3. I'm glad you had a fun birthday. I've been able to be a part of your birthday celebrations in the past, and I'm sorry I never did even get your CARD sent to you this year!! Cute birthday cake!!
    And I'm SO GLAD you got a cute picture of Jenni and Brandon at their reception--I completely forgot to take my camera that day! But it was fun to sit by you and Rick during the "eats" time. Love, Karen

  4. Cute post, Janell! The cake turned out cute even with the "S's" on it! :) I have a card that I forgot to give to you when we went to lunch...just sitting on my counter now. I guess I'm too forgetful. Great post as always!