Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Last Thursday night my mom and dad came to visit! It's tradition that they come up for Swiss Days held in Midway every Labor Day. We got there about noon on Friday and had a great time. We shopped for about an hour when Rick wanted to go get a bite. He wanted to eat early so that he could wait a bit and then go for his beloved pie and ice cream!!
Kendra took the day off work and came along for the ride. Ken found a hat.....the only thing she bought!

After about 3 1/2 hours of checking out all the fun booths (in the HOT sun) we sat down to watch the band Joshua Creek perform.
You can see Kendra loved 'em:)

I found a totally cool booth that had some vintage looking Halloween stuff. My fave purchase was the witches hat (soooo cute and matches my new family room) and some handmade fabric pumpkins. In the same booth a lady was selling witch boots (Wicked Soles was the name of her company) and I really wanted one but I couldn't bring myself to pay what she was asking:( They were all one of a kind and she named each boot personally.
Maybe next year.

I have been wanting to go to the farmer's market since last year when I first heard about it. We got up early and had a fun breakfast (I tried out some new recipes:) and headed over to the market in Pioneer Park. It was really fun! I brought home some fresh sourdough bread, some fresh flowers and some fresh peaches. Jackpot!

Mom and Dad waiting for the chaueffer.

That night after a really fun BBQ dinner (enough food for an army) out on the patio we took the Ranger up South Willow Canyon. Of all the times my parents have been here we have never taken them up our treasure of a canyon. It was a delightful ride! Here we are up at the loop. It was just starting to get dark as we took the picture. We counted 10 deer. It got a little chilly on the way down.
Fall is definitely in the air!

Look what we found crossing the road! A real live tarantula!! About 13 years ago we saw one in this same canyon and have watched for another one all these years. Rick and I hopped out where (of course) Rick gets a stick and starts prodding it and I (of course) have to get a snapshot. It was really cool to see....and fast. As we were getting back into the Ranger, Rick acted like it was right behind me and made me scream!! Everyone had a good laugh about that. Why is it that husbands like to do that sort of thing? All in good fun!!
My parents up and left early Sunday morning. It was WONDERFUL having them here!

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  1. I love swiss days! It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. I've never seen a tarantula, my brother caught one just outside of his house in Centerville, so I know they exist out here. Great pictures!