Sunday, October 3, 2010


Kendra had Friday morning off of work so we went to Shear Pleasure and painted her room. She's wanted to do it for a while but we have never taken the time.
We chose a lovely green paint from Wal-world and got to work.
She was quite the artist and painted our names on the wall...... Isn't it cute? Between coats we had lunch at Costa Vida. We each had the pork salad. I have to say that I like Bajio better. She thinks I'm wierd. It was fun being with my Kenni girl! We gave her room a good cleaning too. It needed it!

Saturday night while the men were at Priesthood Meeting Alyssia and I took off to SL. We drove by this new place by the mall and thought we would give it a try. It's called NYPD pizza. As we got seated on the patio our waitress came and told us it was VIP night and that they were offering garlic bread, salads, pizza (an 18 incher) and dessert FOR FREE!

Here we are hangin' out on the patio chillin' to Frank Sinatra.

I ordered a cheese pizza and at first they brought out this completely white pizza. (they call it the Blanco). It was NOT what I was expecting. You see I love pizza (especially the Margharita Pizza in Italy) and I have to have red sauce on my pizza. It's really not right to have it any other yes, I had the nerve to ask for a new pizza even though I wasn't paying for this one. (I know I'm shameless) They were very kind and brought out the right kind. They even offered for us to take home the blanco....which I did. Hey, my kids might like it! Anyway, I loved the thin crust. It wasn't THE best pizza but hey, it was free.

After dinner we headed over to the mall and just hung out for a while. It was nice to be with my Leeshy just having some fun:)


  1. Aunt Jannell I love reading your blog. I think I never comment, and I don't know why!! It is so fun to read, and I have things to say, I must always get interrupted, but right now, both babes are sleeping and Brecken is at school, so I am commenting! You are such a good example to me! I just love you and your girls! (and Skylar and Gary too) I wanted to talk to you and Kendra more at the baby shower. I don't know what I did with my time there. It's fun to see you having girl's days! I just love your family!!!

  2. What an awesome color for Kendra's salon room. I love it!! I'd probably never be daring enough to try it, but it looks great in your pics. We just got Bajio here in Boise, and I'm eager to try it again to do a proper comparison -- We have Costa Vida already, and I love it, mainly for their tres leche dessert. yum!!

    And how fun to run into a FREE VIP pizza night. I'm with you, Janell -- red sauce all the way. Way to go, asking them to get it right. :)