Monday, May 3, 2010

Kaitlyn and Alyssia turn 18

Saturday we celebrated the twins' 18th birthday! Kaitlyn has been planning this for a couple of weeks. I'm so thankful to those who took time out to be with the girls on their special day. Even though our house is in a shambles right carpet and rooms half finished and plenty of dust we made it work. Luckily our little kitchenette is up and running down in our TV room so I was able to prepare a mexican meal for all to enjoy. Here are a few of us mingling. The girls requested ice cream cakes. They turned out yummy!
Kait, Aly, and Mariah with baby Jaime hiding in the back.

We played boys against girls in the candy kiss game and the boys so won. WE can't catch a break on this game. Ever.

It's really not easy.

Happy Birthday girls!

Just a quick note. Alyssia was just accepted into the cosmetology program through her school. She will start classes in June.
She is hoping to get her high school diploma within a year and a half.
Kaitlyn has been accepted into the JobCorps. She will be working on her high school diploma and within 3 weeks will decide on a trade that she would like to work in and start classes. She is at the Clearfield Campus and we are very hopeful that she will set her mind to succeeding.


  1. Love these spunky girls. They have the absolute best smiles! Congrats on 18. Almost out of the "teens". Just 2 more years.

    Love ya both

  2. Happy birthday, girls!!! Wow, so does that mean you had three 17 year olds at once for a few weeks?! That must have been crazy fun growing up!
    An ice cream cake sounds delicious right about now.