Thursday, April 29, 2010


Last night we had an AMAZING night. We had a family get-together next door in honor of my nephew Mark and his fiance Taryn who are getting married on Friday. Kathy made us a nice big Mexican Fiesta dinner and we all enjoyed visiting.
Here is a picture of the happy couple. Mark blinked at the wrong time:) While we were visiting there was a knock at the door and unbeknownst to us Trent and Kath (& Dare and Deed) had arranged a special surprise for Mark and Taryn. Jon Schmidt (the famous piano player....well famous in UT) was there to give us a personal concert. All I can say is WOW! What a performer! I sat just 5 feet from him during the performance and I had a birdseye veiw of his fingers flying. SO COOL! I've got to get me his CD.
At one point he layed down and played a song BACKWARDS. I don't know if any of you play the piano but....HOLY COW! That's what you call tickling the ivories!

During the program Mark got up and showed a little bit of his stuff. We got to hear a song he wrote called "Taryn's Song". Just downright sweet.

I thought this was a sweet picture of the happy couple.
Sorry it's dark but they were on the other side of the room

Tomorrow is the BIG day. Good Luck to the newlyweds!


  1. wow, that is so cool. Who is friends with him or how did it come about. That is so awesome!

  2. Wow, somebody has GREAT connections!!!! I love the backward piano playing. Amazing.

  3. What a wonderful opportunity! I didn't know you guys had that fun night like that, but I'm sure glad you DID!!

    Wasn't the Wedding Day FUN?? We sure enjoyed all the festivities--the wedding itself, that fantastic meal at the Rodesio Restaurant, the little 'ring ceremony', and the wonderful reception--with it's delicious refreshment, the little 'program', and dance, and all. That song Mark composed for Taryn WAS really special. And I especially loved all the visiting with relatives that we got to do! It was a marvelous occasion!! Love, Karen