Sunday, May 23, 2010

Almost There

We are nearly finished with our remodel. YEA! For the last 2 weekends we have been working our tails off. Last week was painting (I thought my arm would fall off by the Saturday night) and this week was cleaning everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) because we're under I don't know how many layers of sheet rock and paint dust. A few weeks ago I just stopped dusting completely because 2 hours after I did.... my work had been undone. I am happy to say that I no longer have that gritty feeling anymore because.....

We now have carpet!

Yesterday, Rick and I did more painting and were able to bring in our funiture out of the garage (and where ever else it's been crammed) and start setting up house. It feels good to almost have it back together. There are still plenty of things to hang and clean and set up but we're getting there.

One sad part of this whole deal is our kitchen cabinets. Five days before they were to be installed the company we were going with (who I will not mention) decided that they were to busy to do them. They kept putting us off, and with some investigating , Rick found out that they hadn't even started them. Did I mention we have been working with them since FEBRUARY? In fact, the estimater was in our home 2 weeks before this and said and I quote, "Yes, we will be ready to install in 2 weeks." This was going to be a trade deal with Rick's company (which we have been doing for years with lots of different companies) but at the last minute they pulled out. Frankly, I think it's terrible business because really they should have let us know loooong before now. Anyhow, it has knocked us back another 4 weeks to be able to have the kitchen finished. I must admit I had a good cry this week and both Rick and I feel a lot of stress... but all is well. We got a few bids the day after we found out and feel really good about this new company. We just have to wait a little extra time is all:-)

In the meantime we are putting everything back together and it feels great to have our little piece of heaven back! (almost)

Pictures will be posted soon....or you are all welcome to come on over and see it in person. It's lots better in real life!


  1. Oh I will definitely have to stop in and see all your hard work and labor! When we had to wait for cabinets for my stinking laundry room it seemed like it took forever to get here so I really feel your stress. Only yours is in your kitchen and much worse so I REALLY, REALLY feel for you!

    Thanks again for the carpet!!!!! Matt has started laying it around in the basement and it is really perfect for what we need it for. Once again, thank you so much!!!!

  2. I'm coming over to see it for sure! I know it will be beautiful; you guys always do such a great job. I'm so sorry about your cabinets--how frustrating. Hopefully your new cabinets will be better than ever.