Sunday, May 23, 2010


Last night Rick and I went on a double date with Gary and his cute friend Jessi Christensen. Some teens may not like hangin' with their parents on a Saturday night but they really didn't mind. We started out with dinner. Funny story....we were trying to decide where to eat and we gave Gary 3 choices to present to Jessi. Virg's, Dimitri's, and Jamo's. Easy enough, huh? Well after we picked her up and were on our way Gary started to present the choices. The first thing he said was, "We could go to Virgin's." He stopped and realized what he said and we all just cracked up! Jessi giggled and said, "Do you mean Virg's?" I know it's a different day and age but had that word come up on a date when I was a teen....I would have been so embarrassed.
Anyway, we enjoyed dinner at Virg's.
We had planned to go bowling after dinner but we changed the plan and decided to go back to the house (since we now have carpet and our TV room is almost put back together) and play some pool. Here's Gary trying to teach Jessi a tune on the guitar. Isn't she cute? He is too.
We played a round of nine ball which doesn't usually take too long but being out of practice (I never have been that good anyway) it took a little longer. JESSI WON!

A fun night for us all!


  1. Gary is such a handsome feller. And what a fun date and a cute girl! I just love that you doubled with your son.

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  3. Can I just say what a great mom you are? You are always doing such neat things with your kids. Looks like a fun night, and I saw Gary with Jessi at church--what a cute gal!

  4. Gary's slip up made me laugh pretty hard. I hope he's not embarrassed that you posted it. I'm glad you did though. ;) Looks like you guys had a fun time. For my first date we doubled with the boys parents. Good times. I love you, Aunt Janell.