Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy 17th Birthday Gary

Last week our Gary turned 17! I remember the first time I ever saw him. We were at the Museum of Natural History in SL to meet all 3 of the kids. We had seen pictures of them just the week before and had known they were up for adoption. We met the case worker at the museum and she let us spend the day with the kids. Gary was just absolutely adorable with his big brown eyes and delightful smile. He was very shy but warmed up after not to long. We fell in love with him from the very beginning. He has always been such a FUN boy and we have enjoyed laughing WITH him these past 12 1/2 years. We had a little family party on Thursday night (his actual birthday) after Rick's meetings.
The kitchen was filled with smoke from his candles:)
Kendra went shopping with me to choose some new clothes for him. We are also going to get him a new suit (if I can ever get a chance to get him to SL....'cause he's super busy). He's growing out of his old one....imagine that.

His first ever pair of Vans. Yeh, Kennie chose those too.

Saturday night we had a big tadoo at The Spaghetti Factory with a bunch of family. 25 people in all. We had a great time and I know it was special for Gare. Right now Gary has a full plate. He is trying to graduate a year early form HS and is on track for that. With his heavy work load he got a 3.7 GPA for last term. YEA! He works a few hours after school at the Titmus farms and his new adventure is raising sheep. It's kinda like the Perpetual Education Fund only with sheep. Just yesterday he got 5 pregnant ewes. He gets to keep them for 5 years and raises and sells as many as he can then at the end of the 5 years he gives 5 pregnant ewes back to the farmer who gave them to him in the first place. This is his plan for earning money for his mission. Granted he leaves in 2 years for that. Rick will have to care for them while he's away. It's a good plan though.


  1. Your sweet Gary is 17?! Wow!!! Looks like he is one busy teenager! Good for him. BTW, I LOVE the Spaghetti factory....YUM!

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