Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zach's going to Zimbabwe

During our Spring Break we made a quick (5 hour) drive to Vegas to attend Sacrament Meeting where my nephew Zach was speaking before he takes off for the Zimbabwe Harare Mission. Zach sang a "I Heard him Come" for part of his talk and did a great job. He spoke of how he gained his testimony and referenced the quote " That others may live". He will be a great missionary. We love you Zach!
A few of my nephews....(from left) Garrett, Ian, Sam, Zach, Cody, Andrew, of course, Gary. I wish I had a pic of Zach in his new suit he looked great!We met at Pete and Terri's home for a luncheon afterwards.
Terri had prepared roast beef sandwiches, salads and dessert.
Jeremy, Elizabeth and Scott.

I wanted to get a sisters photo. From left...Mare (who surprised us on Christmas that she was expecting a new baby. Her daughter Gabby who is 15 will be getting a sister in August), Me, My mom, Kathy, Deanna, and Terri.
We are missing Vickie who was in SL with her YW for the YW broadcast.
I love my family. I'm so glad we were able to make this trip!

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