Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in sunny Las Vegas

Our family once again traveled to Vegas for the Thanksgiving holiday. Of nearly 21 years of marriage we have been in Vegas for 18 of them! That's a lot of travelin' and memories thru the years:) This was an "on" year which means that instead of going to the in-laws everyone comes fo the Hafen House. There are a few like us who our "on" every year. The weather was perfect for an outdoor feast (in the 70's) and we had a great time!
Here's Pete, Vickie, Paul, Terri, and Deanna. Paul, mom, and Terri getting some dessert!
Gary with his cousins Jake and Sam. They're getting ready to play a round of horseshoes!

Tory, Gabby, and Nicole my cute nieces pose for a picture.

Grandma and Grandpa Hafen hosted the party.

Here's Gary playing horseshoes........

...and getting one stuck in the tree:)

For the past 6 years Rick and I have made a tradition of taking the cousins out for a movie and dinner on Black Friday.
Not everyone can come but we always have a great time with those that do.

Here they are posing with the chipmunks. Zach especially likes Alvin!

Adam and Ryan couldn't make it to the movie but they did join us for dinner. Macayo's is one of our fav's! What a great group of kids! We sure love 'em! Peace Out!!


  1. Looks like we missed out on a lot of fun! There is always next year! Looks like I better get over to the Grandparents and brush up on my horseshoes game!

  2. Looks like you guys had a fun and warm Thanksgiving! It was fun to see you at Steph's reception and to be able to chat for a bit!