Thursday, August 20, 2009

Liberty Landing BBQ

Last Friday we had a BBQ at our pavilion. The Baker's were visiting from Tennessee so we had a party out at our pavilion with our Liberty Landing neighbors (Phelps' and Allen's). The guys cooked up steak, chicken, and fish. It was great! Rick is lovin' his job as chef! Since our pavilion was finished last year we have had lots of fun parties and family reunions out there. Darrell hung up a white tarp on the tennis court fence and we have had a couple nights of "drive-in" type movies on the BIG screen. We were planning to watch Brian Regan this particular night but it got a little chilly. You know that cold front last weekend:( So we moved the party inside to Deed and Dare's big screen! We had some good laughs! Brian Regan-- Funny and Clean!Kathy, Fern and DeeAnn
Kaitlyn loves playing with the kids! Here she is with Kylan.

Earlier in the day Trent and Gary put together a new song.
That night they performed it for our group. they did great!
Thanks Trent for taking time with Gare and teaching him some geetar moves.
He eats that stuff up!

After that Austin had to join in the fun! These two kids' music was just a titch more roudy and LOUD! They had fun! Overall it was a great night! Good Food. Good Fun. Good Family!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! You guys have the ideal set up out there! We can't wait to come up to play in Grantsville!

  2. How fun Aunt Janell. I love it out there at Liberty Landing. Never a dull moment, that's for sure! :) I love all the pictures you post. I need to do better at that! I love you guys and hope all is going great!! Let me know if you ever need help with Grandma Fern. I'm not working right now (temporarily) so, if you need a day for errands, or anything - let me know and I'd be glad to come out and help. I love Grandma, also! I need to come visit you guys and her a lot more than I do :)... love you all!