Monday, August 10, 2009

Alyssia's Big Day

Dad and Leesh after her program. These were in chronological order but I,ve messed them up:( Read on.......

Alyssia attends Artec a school in West Jordan. To end their summer session the school put on a "summerfest" program. For the past 2 weeks Leesh has been able to attend cosmetology classes. She cut her hair into a cute short style and was able to have some acrylic nails put on. She was given a budget of $50 to buy a new outfit. She also took a cake decorating class! She and a classmate got to be announcers as the girls from the class modeled their new selves!

Alyssia and Gary posing for a picture.

She made this darling cake for Kaitlyn and surprised her with it! It has two clowns and says "twins" on it! Kait loved it! They really miss each other a lot. They actually got to spend Saturday afternoon together. Alyssia's foster parents took them to the aquarium in Sandy and out to Sizzler for dinner. They both did well on this visit:)
Oops, I erased this pic too.
It's at the top.

I love my girls!


  1. alyssia looks beautiful! i love her new hair cut. the last pic is a great one of the three of you, too!

  2. Hi Aunt Janell. I just barely found your blog and scrolled back through all the fun pictures and news. Alyssia looks so beautiful here, and so talented. Kaitlyn too! I loved seeing pictures of some of your fun trips, and hearing about Skylar's mission call and Kendra starting college. Wow! Lots of changes around your house these days, eh?! Great seeing all the details. Thanks!

  3. Hey there... I'm so glad you have a blog. This is the 1st time I've looked at it. It didn't dawn on me that you had one until your comments on mine reminded me :) I love those twins! Sounds like Alyssia's enjoying that Program!! Her haircut is so cute. Wish I could cut my own hair. Thanks for posting the pictures! Love the blog! It was great to see you guys over the weekend. Love you all !!!

  4. It touched my heart to see all the photos of your family. You'll always be special to Tom and me. I'm happy that things are going well for each one of you.

    You're a terrific family! God bless you all!