Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Francis' Goats and Chickens Stolen

                 Goats and Chickens Stolen
                       From the Life of Waila Francis

The more we obtain the word, the more our desires increase to serve our Heavenly Father.

My family members having partaken of the tree as Lehi desired his family to partake of.   My testimony increased in faith in the restored gospel.  As I became firm in the church I never knew what used to inspire young men in my branch to go and serve for two years.  One day missionaries visited us in our home.  I felt inspired to ask them what made them to leave their homes and countries to go out for mission.  One Elder instead of answering, he just cried.  His companion said to me, “Francis, he cries because even if we tell you, you will not know and understand it, but as you stay firm and strong you will one time know it.”

I also stayed firm (in the church) irrespective of long distance of about 10 KM to church.  I discovered the answer to what my Elder told me.  The more I obtained the word the more my faith increased and my desires to serve Heavenly Father.  I knew I needed to prepare for a mission and I worked hard.  I went and worked for people on their farms, I helped people to harvest and I got some money.  I sought how that small money (40,000 shillings) will be increased.  I decided to buy a goat and I reared it.  With the remaining money I bought two chickens.  Over time the goat and chickens multiplied.  Pretty soon I had seven goats and twenty chickens.  I was excited and glad for my goats and chickens. 

I knew I needed to start with my mission preparations.  I planned to sell them {and process my passport}.  Sadly, {one} night thieves came and stole all my goats and chickens.  I remained with nothing.  I felt bad, discouraged and weak but I never lose hope.  I continued with other plans and council with the Elders.  I was strong and bold again.  Elders would come and ask me what I was thinking {to do.}  The Elders asked if I could wash their car (to earn money) which I did and I bought a bag (suitcase) and other things for my mission.  God always uses people and He works in people and He loves us if we keep the commandments.  I know He lives, and His Son.  The Church is true.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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